Vous habitez depuis peu à Chambourcy et vous devez faire face à de nombreuses démarches administratives. Pour cela n'hésitez pas à prendre contact avec la Mairie, à l'accueil ou par téléphone au 01 39 22 31 31.




Bienvenue à Chambourcy

Voici la liste des formalités à effectuer :

Allocations familiales des Yvelines
Ecrivez au 1 rue La Fontaine 78201 Mantes la Jolie Cedex
Horaires et renseignements au 0820 277 810
Indiquez votre ancienne et nouvelle adresse ainsi que votre numéro d'immatriculation sociale.

Prévenez vos assureurs de votre changement de domicile et des caractéristiques de votre nouvelle habitation.

Carte nationale d'identité
Faites établir une nouvelle carte d'identité à l'Hôtel de Ville auprès du service de l'état civil. Horaires et renseignements au 01 39 22 31 32.

Inscrivez vos enfants auprès du service scolaire à l'Hôtel de Ville. Horaires et renseignements au 01 39 22 31 33. Pour les collégiens et lycéens, adressez-vous directement aux établissements scolaires ou à l'Inspection Académique : Adresse physique : 19, avenue du Centre 78280 Guyancourt - Adresse postale : DSDEN78 - BP100 78053 Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. Horaires et renseignements au 01 39 23 60 00.

Signalez votre départ aux centres de votre ancien domicile pour l'arrêt des compteurs.
Faites établir un nouvel abonnement auprès des centres dont dépend Chambourcy :
EDF GDF : Toutes les démarches s'effectuent par téléphone au 09 69 32 15 15
Eau : Lyonnaise des eaux - 42 avenue du Président Wilson - BP 56 78231 Le Pecq Cedex. Horaires et renseignements au 0810 379 379

Centre des impôts : adressez vos nouvelles déclarations (revenu) au centre des impôts : 22 bd de la Paix 78106 St Germain en Laye Cedex - Tél. : Notez-y votre ancienne et votre nouvelle adresse.
Trésorerie : vous continuerez à payer vos tiers provisionnels à l'ancienne trésorerie dont vous dépendiez, le solde étant versé à la trésorerie de Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

Liste électorale
Pour vous inscrire, présentez-vous à l'Hôtel de Ville, muni d'une pièce d'identité, d'un justificatif de domicile de moins de 3 mois et éventuellement de la carte électorale de votre ancienne commune. La radiation des listes électorales de votre ancienne commune sera alors faite automatiquement. Attention, des délais sont à respecter pour l'inscription avant un scrutin. Toutes les informations utiles dans la rubrique Démarches administratives

Sécurité sociale
Ecrivez à la Caisse desservant votre ancien domicile en indiquant votre ancienne, votre nouvelle adresse et votre numéro de sécurité sociale. La transmission sera faite automatiquement à la Caisse Primaire d'Assurances Maladie, 78085 Yvelines cedex 9, qui vous enverra un avis. Renseignements au 3646

Pour l'installation de votre ligne, adressez-vous à la Boutique France Télécom, 62 rue du Général de Gaulle - 78300 Poissy. Munissez-vous d'une pièce d'identité, du bail ou de l'acte de propriété de votre nouveau domicile et du nom du précédent occupant. Horaires et renseignements au 1014.

Télévision câblée
L'opérateur est Numéricable, 30 rue du Vieil Abreuvoir - 78100 St Germain en Laye, qui dessert la plupart des quartiers de Chambourcy. Horaires et renseignements au 1055.


>Welcome to Chambourcy

We hope that your stay in our town with the help of this guide will allow you to discover all activities available in Chambourcy (sports, leisure and culture); most of them are run by various associations. The "Département" of Yvelines is very attractive, lot of places full of history, with parks, monuments to visit, with large forests within easy reach, where you may walk or cycle.

As you know your arrival in our country will require complying with various administrative procedures. The recommendations and information that follow should help you to deal with them.
All necessary addresses and phone numbers are listed in the appropriate pages of this guide.
Quite a few documents are necessary and have tobe translated into French prior to your arrival :

- Resident permit (if you already had any),
- Birth and marriage certificates,
 - School documents,
- Medical vaccination certificates,
- Driving licence,
- Car insurance certificate,
- Certificate attesting you are leaving your country.

The translation of documents should be made by a registered translator and certified by the French Consulate prior to your arrival.

Resident Permit (Carte de Séjour)
Everyone having the status of "foreigner" must have a "carte de séjour", this applies to all members of your family, including children over 16. The duration of this permit varies according to the type of your stay (student, long term visitor, etc).

How to obtain your "carte de séjour" ? Apply without delay to the "Préfecture" of the Département; in the Yvelines, it stands in Versailles. You will have to show the documents issued by the French Consulate where applied before arriving. You will then be called for a personal appointment. When going to this appointment, do not forget to take with you :

- Employer's work contract,
- Medical certificates,
- Passports,
- Birth and marriage certificates (translated into French),
- Four passport-sized photographs for each member of your family.

Renewal procedures should be initiated 2 or 3 months before the expiring date. You will apply at the "Sous-préfecture" in Saint Germain, you will need to show a certificate of your employer with the last three payrolls. If you move to another "Département", you have to inform the "Préfecture" of this "Département" without delay.

Temporary exit from French territory
The Resident Permit will allow you free travel in and out of France for business or holiday; do not forget to take it with you, it may be required by immigration officers when coming back. If the duration of such a trip should exceed 12 months the resident permit will automatically expire.

National Health System (Sécurité Sociale)
Application forms and information should be provided by the Personnel Department of your corporate company in France. Family allowances (allocations familiales) Family allowances are available to all individuals with two (or more) dependant children resident in France. The age limit is 16 for nonstudents and up to 20 for students. Application should be made to the local Family Allowance Bureau (Caisse d'allocations familiales).

Income tax (impôt sur le revenu)
You shall have to comply with French Income Tax rules.
- Mandatory to all individuals resident in France on a yearly basis
- the first application form should be requested from
- the local taxation Office (centre des impôts). The next year forms will be mailed automatically.
- the income tax Application Form should be filled in and sent (or brought) to the local taxation Office before the end of May.
The revenues are those of prior year. The amount claimed as the due date for payment will be advised by mail. If you have any claim regarding your Tax Return, contact the Taxation Office which issued your Tax Return (the address is shown on the Tax Receipt). Your file will be reviewed according to the relevant documents you produce.

Local Taxation
As leaseholder you will have to pay local tax called "taxe d'habitation". The amount claimed is related to the estimated lease value of the house. It will be required by mail; due date is in October. If you are yourself owner, you shall also pay the "impôt foncier" which is a tax based on the estimated value of property (land and building). It will also be required by mail, due date is in November.

You cannot keep your home registration plates more than 6 months.You will have to go at the "Service cartes-grises" (souspréfecture in Saint Germain) with your car certificate (translated into French) and ask for a French registration.

House and fire insurance is mandatory to cover possible damage to rented facilities. "Head of family" responsibility is not mandatory, but highly recommended. School insurance is requested by School Administration, it is better to subscribe the proposed contract, but it is generally included in the "Head of Family" insurance.
Car insurance is mandatory to cover driver's responsibility regarding damage and injuries to any other person. You should make sure that your car insurance issued in your home country is valid in France for a long stay. If you have been already insured in France for the last three years, produce your insurance receipts as you may qualify for any bonus discount in your insurance rates. An international driving licence is recommended.

Public Transport Facilities
Take advantage of facilities available. Two bus lines run from Chambourcy to Saint Germain and Poissy:

- Line R4 to saint Germain runs daily including sundays,
- Line 8 to Poissy runs daily except sundays.

Both allow connection with the RER (Rapid transit system) and will take you down town to Paris within 25 minutes. Bus lines timetables are available in the town Hall. RER time tables are available at the RER stations in saint Germain and Poissy.
If you use the public transports system daily, it would be convenient to purchase an "Navigo Pass" from the RER station. The coupon can be purchased on a weekly or monthly basis. It is valid on all public transport in the Paris area (bus, metro, RER).